When we truly love someone, we are willing to make all the adjustments and sacrifices needed to show this love to them. Sometimes, it would not even matter how much we lose ourselves, because what’s important is their happiness.

This kind of sacrificial love is highly evident in Estelle Harris’s love for her dog Bruce.

Estelle and Bruce have been together ever since Estelle moved out of her family’s home after college. The bond they have formed over the years is, therefore, deeper than with anyone else.

This is why when Bruce was diagnosed with a terminal illness three months before Estelle’s wedding, Estelle did not think twice about moving the wedding earlier so that her beloved dog can attend.

Estelle’s husband-to-be, Danny, completely understood Estelle’s decision. It has been years since the two met, and it did not take long for Danny to also love Bruce as Estelle did. Although Danny had two kids in his previous marriage, Bruce still was his first “kid” with Estelle.

Estelle and Danny had to pull everything three months before the actual date. They sent out cancellations of reservations, which caused them almost $600. They also sent out letters to guests about the new date. Unfortunately, some guests did not expect the short notice and were not able to attend.

It was a few days before Christmas when Estelle noticed something was wrong with the way Bruce was acting. One day, the Bullmastiff did not go and greet Estelle by the door when she arrived home.

When Estelle checked on him, Bruce was not breathing properly anymore, and he was showing signs of oxygen deficiency. Bruce was then rushed to the vet, who then discovered that the poor dog has already accumulated fluid in his heart and lungs, causing the difficulty in breathing.

Aside from this, a tumor was also detected right by Bruce’s ribcage, along with cancer of the blood. Because of these extreme health issues, the vet had to break the news to the couple: Bruce only had four months to live.

Thankfully, Estelle and Danny were able to move their wedding to an earlier date. When they got married in the Burton Registration Office in Staffordshire, Bruce was present as Estelle planned, donning a customized tuxedo that matches the groom’s.

Photos courtesy of Estelle Harris via Facebook.



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