At the very moment the store manager of Petco Allen Park branch saw the couple stepped in, he was suspicious. The two wandered off in every corner of the shop with two big dogs without collars. The pups’ leashes were looped together making a slipknot.

“The manager, Rachel, approached the couple and asked about the dogs having no collars on,” wrote Julie Sly on Facebook. “They said they left it at home and just needed to pick something up. Then they went to the back of the store where the dog food is.”

Hours later, something caught the attention of the workers. It was about time for them to close up and the shifty couple has been gone for hours when the employees heard plaintive cries. And there, inside the bathroom, they found the 2 senior dogs, terrified and alone.

The store manager contacted the local rescue group, but they were already full, so they asked help though social media. The post appeared in P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue Board Member Carol Lair’s newsfeed, and she knew she needed to help. So she reached out to the manager and rushed to the store the following morning.

“They were extremely terrified,” said Lair. “They were uncontrollably shaking when I arrived. And they refused to be apart, they had to be together, always.”

Lair guided them to her car. She was supposed to place them at the back but the more curious and older one jumped right onto her lap. “She immediately discovered how to roll the window up and down. Then she moved the seat back and forth,” said Lair.

Photo Credits to Carol Lair/ P.O.E.T Animal Rescue

The volunteers have named the lovely senior pair Daffodil and Marigold and are now relaxing in one foster home. They look well-fed but the rescue believes there’s something else with them.

“It appears that they have been bred so many times,” said Lair. “They seem to have been used multiple times. But they still proved to still have a lot to give.”

Posted by P.O.E.T Animal Rescue on Sunday, March 3, 2019

Video Credits to Facebook/ P.O.E.T Animal Rescue

Daffodil and Marigold are scheduled to be spayed then vaccinated this week. After that, they will be made available for adoption. And Lair is certain they will be great addition to any family who will adopt them.






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