This story talks about the Golden Retriever Boomer and the day he finally met his little sister, Bella!

It started when their human parents get off the car, and their mommy holds a cute puppy on her hand– which turns out to be Boomer’s sister from the same dog mom!

To make it more exciting, they hide the Golden Retriever puppy in a shopping bag. Boomer’s sister comes home for the first time, and their parents like to make Bella’s arrival special. The human mommy carefully places the beautiful pup inside the paper bag and then wait for their cue to get in. Their human dad is the one filming, and in the other part of the house, he makes sure that Boomer’s ready.

In the video, you’ll see that this fluffy one excitedly waits at the door– as if he already knows their big surprise for him! When the dad already gave the signal for the two girls to come in, the mommy walks with the shopping bag, and you’ll see Boomer sniffing his little present.

In a typical Golden Retriever fashion, Boomer showed a lot of affection even if he doesn’t know what’s inside yet. He calmly approaches his mommy and waits until she places the paper bag on the floor. He excitedly goes around the paper bag and doesn’t know what to do first.

He’s probably wondering if he should take his little sister out of the paper bag, kiss his sister, or should he go inside? It was such a priceless moment of two siblings finally able to meet!

Boomer instantly connects with Bella when she gets out of the bag. His tail wags endlessly, and if only he could talk, he’ll probably tell his parents how joyful he is for finally having a new family member– another adorable dog he can take care and play with!

The innocent little Bella, on the other hand, is just curious about why her big brother acts that way…but for sure she feels as happy as he is!

Watch the video below.

Source: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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