Friendship knows no boundaries, no gender, no age. It does not limit. It does not force one to choose who to be friends with. This is exactly what the friendship between a dog and a dolphin proved to the world. Learn more about this friendship through this article.

Ben is a Labrador who lives and treated as a celebrity dog in Tory Island, Ireland. His celebrity status is a result of his unusual friendship with a dolphin who regularly visits the place to spend time with him.

These two are regulars at the island’s pier. They play with each other and swim for hours. Pat Doohan, Ben’s owner, even admitted that there are times that he is in awe with the kind of friendship these two have. He even narrated how Duggie, the dolphin would blow bubbles to Ben as her way of teasing him. She would also make an effort to assist him to get back to the dock whenever he feels tired from swimming.

Doohan also shared his thoughts on why Duggie returns to this island from time to time. The year 2006 was when Duggie first showed on the island. Doohan found a dolphin’s body at that time and believed that it was Duggie’s mate.

The friendship of these two gained popularity among tourists. Especially when the popular TV shows of  National Geographic and BBC featured their unique friendship and made these two popular to the worldwide audience. In fact, a lot of individuals all over the world would come and visit Tory island just to meet these two.

Watch this video;

Source: Youtube via Dog with Blog

Special mention to the writers and editors of Inspire who shared this amazing story. Thank you for this inspiring story of loyalty and friendship.


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