There are plenty of reasons why people should come and enjoy the orchestra every once in a while. For one, it’s enjoyable and makes appreciation of classical music even more fun.

But, did you know that in Ephesus, Turkey there was an unexpected turn of events during the Vienna Chamber Orchestra’s public performance?

Yes, and it was a dog who turned a serious performance into a hilarious show – at least for a moment.

While the musicians were busy playing to the tune of Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony No. 4, a dog suddenly went up to the stage where the orchestra was playing, and inadvertently stole the attention of the audience.

Not minding the laughs and cheers from the audience, the stray Golden Retriever decided then and there, that the center stage was a good place to rest and relax.

So, he took his chance, settled just right beside a violinist, and yawned! But despite the yawn, the dog appeared as if he enjoyed the orchestra’s performance.

The dog didn’t even move much from the spot, much less bark, and he was a good boy all throughout the performance. It was a lovely scene, and you might think for a moment that the dog could be owned by any one of the musicians on stage.

And the musicians didn’t even budge, despite of the sudden appearance of the cute dog on stage. In fact, all of them continued playing to Mendelssohn.

While it was supposed to be a serious musical performance, the musicians appreciated it. In fact, pianist Fazil Say pertained to the performance as the “cutest moment in classical music”.

It’s true and we all agree to it. Indeed, it was a cute and unexpected moment.

If you’d like to see the performance yourself, press the play button below:

Source İLKSES Gazetesi through Youtube


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