Humans often go crazy seeing their celebrity idols in the flesh. But, did you know that our furry friends will also feel the same when they see a star up close?

This adorable golden retriever, Henry, met his celebrity idol, Disney stars. His reaction was priceless!

Henry is a hard-working, service dog from Nashville. He lives with Jessica, his owner. He is currently training to be an official service dog.

Jessica has a chronic illness, and Henry provides her daily assistance. Henry is dedicated to helping Jessica with her day to day activities.

According to Jessica, although Henry is still undergoing some training to be a service dog, she’s already proud of him. He has done a lot already.

Jessica posts updates and adventures with Henry on Youtube and Instagram. This duo is so sweet and adorable. No wonder their account reached 56.2K on Instagram!

Recently, Henry had a magical moment.

Because Henry is still undergoing training, it is necessary that he meet with different people. He also needs to experience different situations. One of his trainings involved taking a trip to Disneyland.

Going to Disneyland seemed to be more of an adventure than a work training for Henry. While walking around with Jessica, they bumped into Dug from the movie Up.

It was a good thing that someone took a video of the special moment. The footage shows how Henry looked so excited upon seeing Dug. He was extremely overwhelmed!


He had the same reaction when he met Pluto!

Henry’s reaction was so cute that the video went viral. Netizens kept posting how adorable this sweet pup is. He’s charming, isn’t he?

Hopefully, Henry can successfully finish his service dog training. Jessica will definitely need him. All the best for this duo.

If you want more updates about these two, you can check out their Instagram account. You probably want to start with this Instagram post.


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