A couple feels grateful for their dog because he saved their children from being kidnapped.

In Pennsylvania, a couple reported that three of their kids could have been kidnapped if not for their family dog. The kids were safe, and the couple was so relieved.

Last March, the supposed-to-be kidnapping incident took place according to Thom Lambert. He narrated how their rescue dog, Edgar, acted weird one night while his daughters were sleeping in their beds.

Lambert added it’s strange to see Edgar on edge. He barked and growled as if he’s angry at something or someone. He tried to stop him from barking, and that was when he heard something suspicious.

Lambert realized that someone else was inside their house as he heard footsteps. He called 911 for help. Unfortunately, the police didn’t catch the intruder.

When the officers went to check the house, they looked everywhere. They searched each room but they did not find anyone.

After a few days, police caught Thomas Dewald who was said to have abducted a girl who was only four years old. The poor girl successfully snuck out while Dewald went to work.

According to the police, Dewald searched for a new kid to abduct after he found out that the girl escaped. Dewald confessed about kidnapping the girl and searching other houses for kids.

Police also believed that Dewald was also the man who trespassed at Lambert’s property. Maybe he also tried to kidnap Lambert’s daughters, but he got scared when Edgar barked and barked.

Later, Dewald also confessed that he indeed entered Lambert’s home. He managed to get inside by using the kitchen window downstairs.

Lambert said, if it weren’t for Edgar, their brave dog, their daughters would have been taken away. He also encouraged other people to consider adopting a dog because they can help save your family someday.

Credits to Prayers for Pets1 NonProfit for sharing this news.


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