A gray pit bull who suffered horrific abuse paid his rescuers’ love and kindness forward, and now he brings light to other people’s lives.

Train workers found three little puppies nailed to the railroad by their paws in Albany, New York and saved them. Sadly, one of the puppies died, while the other lost its toes.

The third one was in such a dire condition that his rescuers didn’t think he would survive the journey to the animal shelter, but he did. However, one of his paws had to be amputated.

When people learned of the puppies through the news, applications for adoptions came flooding in. The shelter held a writing contest to determine who could give them the best life.

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Richard Nash, a youth counselor, adopted the third puppy and named him Hudson. He had written that he already knew how to handle the breed as he had a pit bull mix of his own. Moreover, he promised to give the puppy the medical attention he needed.

Hudson did not quickly forget the abuse he endured. At first, he suffered from nightmares, shivering and whimpering in his sleep. Richard had to wake him up to comfort him and let him know that he now had a loving family.

Because of the traumatic incident, Hudson also had a difficult time trusting people. Richard knew something had to be done to restore the pit bull’s faith in the goodness of humans.

Image credit: Plastics Make It Possible

He contacted Derrick Campana, a specialist in animal prosthetics. After testing a few prototypes, Derrick finally came up with the perfect prosthesis for Hudson.

On the day of the fitting, Hudson was tentative, not being used to the attachment. But then he took one step, and at that moment the dog’s life changed—he was now able to walk and run freely!

The next step was enrolling him in a dog school. When Hudson finished his training, he became a therapy dog, visiting nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, daycares, and schools to bring happiness to adults and children alike.

Watch Hudson’s story here:

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