Kyle Krier owned a black Labrador named Bo. His Labrador was an adventurous one, and he sure had a blast in his latest adventure.

Kyle Krier thought that he would never see Bo, his black Labrador, again after the dog went missing for a few days. The Labrador disappeared out of the family’s backdoor one day. Kyle Krier was worried sick about his dog’s whereabouts but decided to wait out if Bo would come back.

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His wife, Laura, told him that there was another white dog playing with Bo in their yard the day he disappeared. She said that  Bo took off with the other dog and would not come back. They looked for Bo all over the place, but they could not find him. The husband and wife decided to go home and waited for Bo, but he never did.

They searched for Bo until the morning after, but there was no sign of the black Labrador. Kyle Krier’s wife then received a call from someone who saw Bo playing in a nearby field. The caller said he also spotted a white Labrador and a baby goat with the black Labrador.

Kyle Krier quickly drove his truck 6 miles to where Bo was last spotted. As he parked, Bo recognized the truck and hurriedly ran toward him while his two new friends followed behind him. It was a heartwarming reunion for Bo and his owner.

Bo quickly jumped into his owner’s truck, followed by the white Labrador. His owner happily invited the goat to hop in too, and the goat obliged.

Bo’s little adventure might have ended a little too soon, but his reunion with his human was truly an endearing scene. He also found unexpected but adorable new friends along his mysterious adventure.

Just a normal Thursday morning!!

Posted by Kyle Krier on Thursday, January 10, 2019

Source: Kyle Krier Via Facebook


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