Losing a pet is never easy. This is especially true if your pet was maliciously stolen from you, and you did not even get the chance to bid them farewell. This is not something anyone would wish upon their biggest sworn nemesis.

But this is exactly what happened to a guy from Florida who goes by the name Barry Gearhart. One day, Barry’s pit bull, Titan, was stolen.  Barry left Titan at the back of his pickup truck so he could run a quick errand and when he returned, Titan was no longer there.

Barry went from panic to heartbreak real quick. But he did not give up just like that. He searched through his neighborhood, giving out flyers and posting notices on public bulletins just so he could find his Titan again. He talked to random people hoping to get leads.

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Eventually, Barry resorted to social media. He posted Titan’s picture and reported him missing. Soon enough, a kind-hearted lady recognized Titan and paved the way to Barry and his dog’s reunion.

Barry was reunited with Titan in an animal shelter. It is still not known whether Titan’s kidnappers brought him to the said shelter or if Titan had run away from his kidnappers and found his way to the shelter. The only sure thing here is that Barry could not get any happier upon seeing Titan once again.

Barry was told by the staff of the animal shelter that they were planning to euthanize Titan if no owner showed up. Barry was just in the nick of time. Had he failed to find Titan sooner, his beloved dog would have been sent to the other end of the rainbow bridge.

This is where Barry Gearhart lost control of his emotions. He cried his eyeballs out, feeling happiness, relief, and a little tinge of guilt all at once.

Omg miracles never cease my Titan boy is been gone for one year and four days I posted something on Facebook today with a bunch of his pictures and Bam I got to hit he's coming home

Posted by Barry Gearhart on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Video courtesy of Barry Gearhart via Facebook


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