Dogs love to see outside through looking out on your window. Some pet owners have glass windows and glass doors. With the transparency of glasses, dogs can stay indoors and just look outside the backyard.

However, it is more likely that dogs leave nose prints on drool on these glass doors for they spend much time hanging out at this location. This article can help pet owners clean their dog’s mess easily on glass windows and doors.

Cleaning regularly

It is advised that you should wash your windows and glass doors once a week so that the dirt will not settle and will not build-up on the surface. It is easier to clean windows if they are regularly cleaned than windows that are not cleaned for a longer time.

If there are more dirt build-up, windows will be harder to clean, and the stain will be harder to remove. Have a weekly schedule of cleaning windows, doors or any location that your dog spends his time into.

Preparing cleaning materials

There are cleaning solutions available in the market. However, you can make your own cleaner to ensure the safety and the quality of the cleaning solution. The homemade cleaning solution is as good and as effective as the commercial cleaning solution.

First, prepare warm water, white distilled vinegar, and a spray bottle. The process of making the vinegar cleaning solution is very easy and only involves mixing the same amount of warm water and white distilled vinegar. The solution can be poured to a spray bottle or any container.

The homemade vinegar cleaning solution is strong enough to penetrate drool and nose print build-up on windows. It won’t leave any streaks behind and will not damage the window.

Now that the cleaning solution is prepared, spray the solution into the windows and glass door. It is suggested to let the cleaning solution for a minute to make sure that the cleaner penetrated to the drool and nose print build-up.

After a minute of settling the cleaning solution, grab a sponge, wiper or any squeegee and wipe the window from side to side or from top to bottom. Just make sure that there is enough pressure on the squeegee to ensure that it will not be leaving any streaks or dirt behind.

Letting the cleaning solution sit for a while makes the cleaning easier because it offers the squeegee to brush off the dirt in one wipe. It does not require scrubbing the window which can cause scratches.

Avoid cleaning in direct sunlight

Schedule cleaning time when there will no or little sunlight striking your window and glass doors. In direct sunlight, windows and glass doors dry fast which makes cleaning harder and ineffective. Direct sunlight causes the cleaning solution to dry quickly which can leave streaks and residue behind.


When your dog loves watching outside, you pretty much knew that there would be drools and nose print build-up on your windows and glass doors. It would be best if you had a regular clean-up for these locations to ensure that there will no dirt build-up.


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