Dogs are the happiest when they know that they will be adopted from their foster homes. Even though they can’t speak their gratitude, we can determine it through the actions they display. For some dogs, adoption can be challenging, but most of them get excited.

Dogs who are adopted live happily with their new family. They feel the love and care of their newfound parents. But keep in mind that not all dogs get to experience this happiness. Some of them are actually abandoned by their new owners after having them for some time. Their new owners may have valid reasons to do it, but it is still painful for the dogs to be abandoned once again.

Sheriff’s Deputy Trevor Reeves rescued a blind pit bull who was named Stevie Wonder. He was very excited to visit the dog when he came back to town. Trevor and Stevie became friends after the latter was adopted from a shelter.

Trevor always tried to communicate with the dog’s owner to know about his condition. But he received some tragic news when he found out that the dog was miserably attacked by other dogs.

To make things more complicated, Stevie’s parents were horrified by what happened and they decided to remove him from their home. That’s the time that Trevor asked help from Tia of Pit Bulls and Parolees to rescue Stevie.

In the heartwarming video below, Trevor meets up with Stevie after the dog was rescued. Sugar Hill, a member of Villalobos Rescue Center, is seen nurturing Stevie and helping the dog fully recover from the tragedy. Trevor receives an invite from her so she can see Stevie. When both men meet each other again, it was difficult for Trevor and Stevie to stop their tears from falling.

Watch the touching video below and be amazed by the tearful reunion:

Source: Animal Planet via YouTube


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