Jacob Newby adopted a 6-year-old pup on Christmas of 2014. He named him Roger. Jacob didn’t have any idea that Roger will become a very dedicated foster father.

In 2016, Jacob and his family started taking in and fostering rescue kittens at home. Upon seeing them, Roger seemed to proclaim himself as the father of the tiny kittens.

According to Jacob, Roger always wanted to be around the kittens. He even cleans them and gives them hugs as if he wants to tell them that they are safe as long as he is with them.

Roger was an excellent “dad” to the adorable felines. One cat, named Gene, seemed to be Roger’s favorite.

Unfortunately, a tragedy happened last November. Jacob narrated how the cat went out of the house and was attacked by coyotes. Roger tried to stop it by barking his heart out. He even tried breaking down the door to get to Gene.

Sadly, Gene didn’t make it. After they lost Gene, Roger got depressed. Jacob’s family tried to make him happy by adopting another dog, Rudy. The two became close friends. However, it’s still visible how Roger longed for Gene, one of his “adopted” cat son.

When Thursday came, Jacob brought five kittens home. They were abandoned, so Jacob decided to keep them. Upon seeing them, Roger cheered up again.

Roger just loves being a dad to kittens. Jacob said that he never saw Roger as happy as he was when he brought the kittens home.

Jacob took a photo of Roger and his kittens on Reddit. It went viral, and Reddit users commented how lovely the picture was. It’s both adorable and heartwarming.

Hopefully, Roger and the kittens live a long, healthy life with Jacob and his family. It will be great to see more of their tender moments together.

Huge thanks to Reddit user itzyaboipickle for sharing this adorable picture.


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