The relationship between man and canines are by all means unique. Dogs have provided humans with several roles such as sheep herding, search and rescue, drugs and explosives-sniffing and priceless companionship. Unlike other domesticated animals, dogs maintain a closer relationship with their humans and have been so for the last hundreds of years.

Aside from the roles mentioned above, dogs have also been employed to do a number of things to their humans. With proper care and training, our four-legged friends have proven time and again, that they are more than just man’s best friend. Read on to learn more about what a dog can do.

Mobility assistance dogs

These are dogs that are trained to help people with physical disabilities with limited physical functions, including those who are using wheelchairs and other walking devices. To become a mobility assistance dog, the training process will take more than a year. However, the dog will be trained to pull wheelchairs, open doors, carry or pick up objects, and perform a hundred daily tasks at home.

Diabetes assist dogs

As the name suggests, dogs that are trained to alert their humans with Type 1 diabetes are called Diabetes Assist Dogs. What the dogs can do is that they can pick up a specific odor which is present in a human breath that is associated with the rapidly dropping or low levels of blood sugar count.

They will then “alert” their human in a special way that will prompt their person to call for help or get an emergency phone. They alert a person by pawing at them, nudging or licking their hands or face.

Cancer detection dogs

Dogs can also be trained to detect cancer odor. Cancer cells are known to release different metabolic waste products compared to a normal cell. Cancer detection dogs can then alert their humans which can then prompt a doctor’s visit. These dogs are even trained to particularly detect specific cancer, including cancer of the bladder, breast and lung cancers, skin and even prostate cancer.

Dogs for people with Autism

Autism Assist Dogs does not only provide security to their owners but can also become a best friend for children with autism. After being trained, these dogs are then given full public access rights which will ensure safety to their owners. These dogs are also known to provide a calming influence to their humans and have been known to greatly improve the lives of children suffering from autism.

Dogs for hearing assistance

Canines that are trained to become hearing assistance dogs are trained to respond to a variety of sounds including smoke detector alarms, oven timer, doorbell or a door knock and also alerting their person when they are called by name, telephone ringing, sound made by an intruder, crying baby, alarm clock and the lists can go on and on.

Dogs that provide seizure assistance

Seizure Assistance Dogs provide comfort and help to their owners after and during a seizure attack. These dogs are trained to seek medical help or alert another person for help. Furthermore, these canines may wear a jacket or a backpack with pockets containing medicine or medical alert information.


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