Cowered in one corner all by himself, Timmy was picked up as a stray in Argentina back in 2016. He suffered from severe care of mange, was extremely emaciated, and terrified of anyone who comes near him. He was very weak that he couldn’t stand properly.

Fortunately for Timmy, an independent rescuer spotted him, took him out of the streets, and posted his story on Facebook. Though it seemed impossible, the woman hoped for the best that someone would take chances on him. And that’s how Timmy met Jessica Rojo Savard, his new mom.

Already with a dog and a cat, Savard thought that her quota in adopting rescue pets has been met. But when she stumbled upon Timmy’s story, everything changed. She just knew she had to have him.

“I didn’t know whether he was a young puppy or a senior dog. I didn’t know if he had short or long hair,” said Savard. “But it didn’t matter. I contacted the rescuer right away and told her I’d adopt him.”

It took several weeks before Savard was able to pick Timmy up and brought him to a vet right away. Other than what she already knew, Timmy was surprisingly OK. He even started gaining weight since his rescue.

Healing emotionally, however, was a bit of a different story. Timmy was horrified of absolutely everything and everyone. None of his family members could come near him neither could her mom sweep because he’d cower and whimper when Savard gets the broom.

Evidently, Timmy experienced abuse with his previous owners and it won’t be easy gaining his trust. But his family didn’t give up. They were patient and showered him with lots of love, especially Juanita, his dog sibling.

“I started placing Juanita’s food bowl on top of the chair so Timmy won’t binge eat. After devouring on his portion, he’d sadly stare at Juanita,” said Savard. “Juanita would take food from her bowl then nudge it onto the floor.”

Photo Credits to Jessica Rojo Savard via The Dodo

While there were instances that looked like Timmy’s never going to warm up, with Juanita’s help, his true personality started to finally shine. He has become the sweetest little dog that everybody in the neighborhood liked. Now, Timmy goes on walks with his siblings and greets everyone he gets to meet.


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