Some of you might be excited about this upcoming summer season. Most probably you guys are doing your very best to look good this summer. As for me, it’s the season I’m not happy about. First, the heat is just unbearable, and second, the electric bill goes higher for using the air-conditioning unit too much.

The sun’s scorching heat can do a lot of damage to a person’s skin, let alone to our furry pets covered. Just imagine wearing a coat throughout the year, even during summer. I’m sure no one can stand the heat, and we can’t even last a day without removing it, let alone our dogs.

Dog’s only way of releasing heat is by panting, which makes them vulnerable to heatstroke if they are not properly hydrated and ventilated. I know a lot of cases wherein dogs had heatstroke and didn’t make it. However, there are some clever pups who know a trick or two to cool them off during summer.

In a video that went viral, a Golden Retriever can be seen, pulling the hose running with water to his very own doggy pool. It seems to me that this pooch can’t take the summer heat any longer and decided to cool himself off and swim.

It seems that the clever pup got everything figured out. He was nearing his pool; he stepped in with the hose in his mouth and just started to fill his tub. However, he was struggling to keep the hose inside his doggie pool and watching him try is absolutely adorable.

His owner who was filming everything decided just to watch his dog and how amusing everything was. I just hope that the dog’s owner helped him to fill up his tub.

Summer season is fast approaching. Don’t forget to always fill up their bowls with water and not to forget their doggie pool as well.

You can watch the complete video below:

Video source: News Pets via their website



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