Our pets immensely love us as their fur parents. Their charm can overwhelm us, and they are consistently loyal to us. That is why more people love them so much.

And this is also the main reason that it is so difficult for us to leave them. Even if we just go out to go shopping or to the bathroom to have a shower, our pets will stare us as if we are leaving them for good. Their eyes will become bigger, they will start to whine, and they will think we will be gone forever.

Our pets are a member of our families, and leaving them can be both difficult for you and your dogs. Even if we are ready to go and we have prepared for this ahead of time, we still feel guilty and anxious about our dogs being left behind.

Oriany De Oliveira left her dear pet, Layla, to her family when she went abroad for work. When she decided to leave, she was aware of how hard it was for her not to see and be with Layla every day.

Communication with Layla was difficult for Oriany though she always stays connected with her mother. However, Oriany’s mom got a solution on how they can do a video chat and project Oriany’s face on the television.

The moment Layla sees her best-loved person she starts to cry on the screen. Though in shock, Layla is standing and starts barking towards her owner’s image.

It was a heartwarming scene between Layla and her owner. Oriany is currently saving up so she can travel back home so she can see Layla in person again. But for now, Oriany is confident enough that her mother is taking care of Layla and is loving her unconditionally.

Watch the full video below to experience the touching scene between Layla and Oriany during a video call:

Source: RM Videos via YouTube


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