Daffodil is a tiny puppy who was left in a cardboard box. The poor pup was abandoned by the street at downtown San Francisco. It was a busy place and a lot of people and cars passed her by but she was sadly still left alone.

Daffodil is born differently. Her two front legs never grew which makes it hard for her to move around. Another thing that was hard for her was finding somebody to truly care for her. Luckily for her, a man named Jene was in the area and saw how everyone just passed her by and did not even attempt to help.

Jene shared that there was even one time when somebody picked her up only to put her back down. That must have crushed Daffodil’s hope. Jene was there inside a car as he waited for his friend. After witnessing the puppy’s sad situation, he decided to help her.

He picked Daffodil up and brought her to the San Francisco SPCA. He wrapped the tiny puppy in his t-shirt and took her to get some help. That’s the start of the series of good news for Daffodil.

Upon seeing her condition, experts made a wheelchair especially for her. The moment she first rolled away in her new wheels was priceless. You can see how happy she was to finally able to move around freely.

She was fostered by one of the staff at the shelter while she was getting used to moving around in her new wheels. She stayed there for a while as she waits for her forever home. Meanwhile, a woman from the prosthetics company was falling in love with her all the way from Colorado.

The woman named Olivia asked the shelter if Daffodil already has a home. She was in luck because it seemed like she was the one destined to go home with the precious puppy. Olivia flew to the shelter in San Francisco and came back to her home with a new addition to her family.

Credits to San Francisco SPCA on Youtube


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