Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, they even come in the shape of a dog. That’s exactly the case of Zena, the warrior dog.

Zena is a Staffordshire Bull terrier living with a relatively big family. One day a venomous snake found a way to sneak into the house of Zena’s family via a screen door inadvertently left open. This is where Zena’s heroic deed happened.

The snake made it all the way to the room where Zena’s little siblings were playing. The children, namely, Sarah (3), Jared (6), and Brendan (7), saw the snake and immediately panicked. Well, who wouldn’t panic if you saw a venomous Tiger Snake inside your house?

Thankfully, Zena the warrior dog did not panic. While her young siblings and her human parent, Patricia, screamed out of pure terror, Zena the warrior dog went straight to their invader, grabbed it by the head, and snapped it in two. Zena literally came to her humans’ rescue.

Patricia feared for her dog, Zena, who refused to let go of the deadly snake. Zena seemed intent to protect her brood from the snake, even if it meant putting her own life in danger. Just in the nick of time, dad Steven arrived and convinced Zena to let go of the Tiger Snake.

If Zena were not around, her siblings would have been bitten by the snake. Patricia and her husband, Steven, know this and they are filled with gratitude for their bull terrier’s bravery and devotion. In return, they vow to care for Zena with all the love they can muster.

Pit bulls are some of the most misunderstood dogs out there. In fact, many people misguidedly fear pit bulls. Zena’s story should change this mindset.

After all, Zena is not only a good dog. She’s a hero in her own right as well.

Video courtesy of Geelong Advertiser via Youtube


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