There is this cute pooch says “I love you” so clearly. The owner says the words and the dog responds by repeating it. You’ll love to watch our featured video about this talking dog.

Adorable pup

This talking dog is a Shih Tzu that looks like a cuddly Ewok. This Shih Tzu has a silky black and white coat. This pup is so adorable as it says the words “I love you” again and again.

Talks on command

This darling dog can “talk” as the owner trained it. Many people are not aware that when a pooch talks, it is a dog trick. Teaching a dog how to say, “I love you” is possible, and your dog can learn how to talk, too!

Dogs imitate sounds

Dogs do make sounds that are similar to the way that we talk. Our canine friends can imitate the sounds that we make. Dogs do copy what their owners do and say!

One syllable words

Since each word of the phrase “I love you” has only one syllable, it makes it easier for a dog to mimic the sound. It takes practice to teach any pooch to say those three loving words. You would have to devote time and effort to train your pet to talk like this Shih Tzu in this viral dog video.

Keep communication lines open

Our canine companions do communicate with us by making sounds such as barking, whining, howling, and whimpering. As responsible pet owners, we must try to understand what our dogs are trying to say to us.

Be aware of how your dog responds

Sometimes, dogs will not communicate. They will respond to us in other ways, like being stubborn. However, we have to check on the dog as it can be a behavioral problem or they might not be feeling well.

Be amazed

Listen carefully to this dog in our featured video. This pooch is one of the best-talking dogs ever. You’ll adore the way this cute Shih Tzu says “I love you.”

Source: Nathan Mills|YouTube


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