Our pets consider us as their own family. They are always there when we need them. They give us comfort in times of distress. They bring us joy when we are lonely. They give us their ears when we just want someone to listen to our woes when we can’t take the difficulties of life anymore. They are our best companion in whatever milestones we celebrate in our lives.

Each day that you come from work, you can see that your dogs are so excited to see you again. Even if you just went outside for a walk or a jog, you can see your dogs at the window or at the door, waiting for you to get inside the house. It is the happiness they feel every time they are with us that makes us love them more.

Have you tried leaving your dogs at home for a short period? Have you experienced how excited they were when they saw you again?

For pet owners who are always on the go, like always going on a business trip or going on a vacation, this is something that they are familiar with. They know how their pets get excited when they are finally home. Dogs are very eager to see their owners again after they are away for a few days.

The video below shows how a beagle gets emotional when her fur parents return home after their vacation. Her owners said that the dog always behaves like this even if they are just gone for a short period. The dog is so passionate about her owners that she gets emotional when she sees them come back from vacation.

Watch the video below to experience the heartwarming scenario:

Source: BohnBell via YouTube


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