Christmas is supposed to be a season of delight and gladness. This is one of the joyous days for us because this is a time for gift-giving, family reunions, and gatherings. This is a season to be thankful for the blessings we received in our lives. It is also the time to forgive those people who have wronged us and forget their mishaps. It is the season to give and receive love from our families and friends.

But for the couple David and Sumey Hageman, it became one of the saddest holidays in their lives when their dog, Lola, got hurt.

When their dog, Lola, got paralyzed in her back legs, the couple made the hardest decision they needed to do before Christmas. The surgery to fix the dog’s back cost $6000. And since they could not pay for it,  they made the sad decision to give their pet to a rescue group.

The couple thought that was the end of their heartbreaking story until a veterinarian gave a helping hand. Michael Wong, one of the veterinarians of Southeast Veterinary Neurology in Miami, Florida, was assigned to take the emergency surgery on Lola. He found out that the dog’s owners can’t afford the surgery and had to give up on Lola.

The doctor was not hesitant to extend his help to this family and immediately disregarded his fee and told the rescue group to give the dog back to her parents.

Sumey was delighted and cried when she was reunited with Lola. She said it was the best Christmas gift she received in her whole life. The vet let the couple experience the true joy of Christmas.

Watch the video below and be amazed by their story:

Source: Miami Herald via YouTube


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