As humans, we have different ways to show our love and care to others. We are the listening ears for those who need someone to listen to them. We give our shoulders for those who need someone to depend on to lean onto. We give extra time for our loved ones to let them know we are always there for them despite our hectic schedule because of work.

We have lots of gestures to choose from to express our emotions. One of them is our love to cuddle. Cuddling means hugging someone you love for a short period whether you are lying in bed or just sitting on the couch. A simple cuddle can take some of your stresses away. It can release some of the burdens we are carrying because we are doing it with someone we care about.

As fur parents, we know that dogs love to cuddle as well. This is our pets’ way to display their love to their owners. Cuddling is also one of the best bonding times for owners and pets aside from walking or playing outside. One reason why dogs love to cuddle is that it keeps them warm. When we feel cold, we just bury ourselves inside our blankets or wear some extra clothes, but that is something that our pets cannot do.

Cuddling with people is one of the significant parts of dog domestication. During the winter season, dogs and humans help each other by cuddling and giving each other the warmth they both need. Cuddling is also the dogs’ way of showing their devotion to their owners. Cuddles can also help relieve stress to both humans and pets.

In the video below, Benny, a Golden Retriever, is jealous when his owners cuddle on the couch without including him.  He uses his force so he can be included in the cuddle session and makes his way in the middle.

Watch how happy Benny is when he gets a cuddle too:

Source: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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