South Carolina Humane Society in Greenwood rescued a dog last March. The homeless pup had surgery to get one of her legs amputated. The shelter named him Lola.

Lola is a blond pup who has a mixed pit bull breed. The shelter did not find any information about her because she had no tag, collar or worse, a microchip.

Without a way to identify Lola, the shelter decided to spread the word about her through a Facebook post. The post went viral in South Carolina. Still, no one claimed poor Lola. The shelter decided to put her up for adoption instead.

The Humane Society even asked around veterinary clinics because they were hoping that someone knows about Lola’s recent amputation. Unfortunately, nothing came up.

Good thing, a kind person decided to adopt Lola. Cory Wandling, a trucker, decided to keep Lola as a pet. He wanted to take Lola with him while he’s working on the road.

The shelter posted an update about Lola’s adoption. They highlighted Lola’s beautiful, new life. Lola will definitely have the chance to explore the country, and she will be traveling with her newfound dad, a long-haul trucker.

With Lola’s colorful personality, she will definitely become popular to people on the road in no time. Wandling mentioned that after adopting the pup, they immediately hit off the road. It was Lola’s first adventure with him.

Wandling added, Lola is really friendly. Having her beside me while I drive 600 miles each day will be a great thing. She will definitely help me avoid being bored and lonely while he’s on the road.

Imagine driving while this adorable pup smiles and wags her tail at you. It’s definitely a beautiful thing to experience especially when you’re working.

The staff from the shelter as well as Lola’s fans from Facebook said that they are all excited to know more about Wandling and Lola’s adventures together.

Credits to The Humane Society of Greenwood,SC for Lola’s story.


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